Law Blogs

An extremely effective and cutting edge strategy that will boost your attorney online marketing campaign is developing a blog that is attached to your regular law firm’s website. Blogging is a technique that has many benefits. First of all, it helps to bring in more visitors directly to your site by directing them there through links on your blog. And secondly, having a blog gives you an opportunity to have targeted links that point to your website with certain specific keywords targeted so as to boost your website’s search engine rankings for the best terms in your niche.

How to Schedule Your Blogging

Before starting a blog for your lawyer website, it’s necessary to decide on exactly how you will budget your time for it. The thing about a blog is that it’s really only going to benefit your law firm if you are consistent in how you add content to it. The whole point of a blog is to continually update the content with new, fresh and relevant information to provide your readers. That, in fact, is precisely why the search engines (particularly Google) loves blogs so much. Google’s entire purpose is to provide searchers with relevant responses to their search queries. So by showing Google that you update your content constantly through your blog, your rankings will boost because you will be seen as a source of great information.

That being said, you will need to sit down and make a plan for how much time you can dedicate to blogging. For example, do you feel you are going to be able to produce a new high quality post every single day? Or is it going to have to be more like once a week or once a month? The more high quality content you can put out, the better, but be sure not to rob yourself of precious time you need to dedicate to other aspects of your law firm marketing campaign. In the end, your goal is just to boost your traffic and build your reputation as an authority in your field by providing lots of quality content as often as possible.

Obviously, you understand by now, but we cannot stress enough that no matter how beneficial a blog is to your law firm–and it is! we go into it below– your blog is nothing if you do not update it frequently. The minimum amount of frequently is once a month. If you cannot spare the 2 hours or less it should take a month to update your blog, do not get a blog. It will do very little for your website and show your visitors how little effort you are spending on it. However, if you are willing to put that small amount of time into it, a blog will have enormously beneficial effects on your website.

Quality Blog Content

The kinds of things you want to contribute to the online community with your blog is essentially a plethora of information proving that you have the knowledge and expertise in your field that is needed to be the best law firm your potential clients could ever find. If you are a true expert in your field, then you’re probably brimming with information on the matter. Use the blog as a way to share that information and turn your online reputation into a real force.

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