SEO Content

Your law firm online marketing strategy needs to focus on search engine marketing and one of the key components of that is optimizing your website content for the search engines. This helps to boost your visibility online as it will boost your search rankings for your website. Since search engines just use programmed bots to rank your website in the search engine results pages, you have to create content that appeals to them. That means your content not only needs to be relevant and informative, but it needs to adhere to certain SEO principles.

Name of Your Law Firm Website

Your website’s name will be the first impression you give off to your potential clients when they come browsing for legal services online. That means when you come up with an SEO-friendly website title, you need to make sure that it is also appealing to your potential clients. Remember in all your SEO efforts that in the end, it is the actual human eyes who see the site that will end up purchasing your legal services, so you need to think of them first.

Your Law Firm Website’s Home Page

Your website’s home page is basically the landing page that your potential prospects first see when they come to your website. So your website needs to provide all that your prospects are looking for including detailed attorney bios that help to establish trust and build the reputation of your legal services. Make sure you incorporate some SEO strategies in designing your home page. Think about what keywords your prospects are typing into the search engine to find your services. Incorporate those words onto your home page for boosted SEO.

The Web Pages of Your Law Firm’s Site

The subsequent pages of your lawyer site need to provide all the pertinent information your prospects might be looking for. Design these pages around your prime keywords that you’re targeted for SEO purposes, but always keep in mind that it’s your clients that you are actually talking to. Never put them second to search engine optimization.

Legal Expert News

Forget About SEO

Of course, the most important reader of your website is not search engine robots, its human readers. Ultimately, you want your website to be pleasing to those readers more than to any search engine. And it turns out, search engines generally like the same things humans like. If you’re updating frequently, writing about subjects relevant to your website, and being clear and concise about your point, you’ll be a huge hit with your readers. We find that the biggest struggle legal professionals encounter when it comes to SEO is simply investing the time in their website. More important than anything is that you are constantly giving attention to your online presence. No matter how busy you are, it’s worth an hour or so a week to spend on your website and make it better. There’s no shortcut to good search engine results; the only secret is persistence and hard work.