Content Writing For Legal Professionals

Lawyer Website Design writes legal content for attorney websites our company has developed. Our staff of content writers can develop articles that inform potential clients and appeal to search engine crawlers, which drives attorney web pages up Google, Yahoo and Bing rankings.

Content writing services benefit attorney search engine marketing strategies in others ways as well. Updating a law firm website with pages shows search engines that the owner is maintaining website. Google has programmed their web crawler to reward legal websites that educate readers. Aging content rarely includes up-to-date information, or pertains to recent events in the legal industry.

Genuinely informative articles improve search engine rankings more than web pages laden with keywords. Web crawlers penalize attorney websites that upload articles overloaded with unnecessary keywords. If a potential client is internet savvy, the filler articles will turn them away from the law firm’s webpage because of a perceived hole in their reputation; the poor quality writing will irritate less knowledgeable visitors to the webpage as well. Both types of clientele will turn to legal professionals with informative and well-written web content. Other companies offer spam writing services, but Lawyer Website Design knows the difference and promises to write articles that inform visitors to our client’s web pages and generate the search engine results law firms are looking for. Our content writing team aims to please human and robotic visitors to our client’s web pages.

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Some of our content writers are trained in journalistic techniques, and will request interviews with our clients to provide information about their field of expertise. Contact between the writer and law firm ensures that our clients receive content which suits their business goals, and highlights their strengths. The attention to detail differentiates attorney’s web pages from their competition, and enhances their website’s client gathering potential.

The content writing team scours Google, Yahoo and Bing to select the right keywords for each law firm website we manage. This research helps the writers target popular phrases which garner the most web traffic to client sites. Varying these target words raises the web page’s standing on the largest number of keyword searches.

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On the other hand, perhaps your law firm would like to write it’s own content. We actually recommend this, despite the fact that we do provide content writing services for many firms. The reason we recommend that law firms compose their own articles and advice on their website is because the writing will sound most genuine–and will probably be most useful–when it is coming directly from you. Visitors will be more likely to connect with you, and when they walk through your door requesting legal services, they will be met with a person who has the same voice and personality as in the content they read. So why don’t all law firms do this? The thought has probably already occurred to you–they simply don’t have enough time. This is understandable. If you’re a solo practitioner with a busy practice, or if you’re the head of a huge firm with international cases, you won’t have time to write articles for strangers on the internet. However, writing it yourself is worth some consideration, and if you or your employees have some extra time, you might want to invest some time in it.