Keyword Research

Meticulous keyword research is the first step for effective law firm search engine marketing. Determining the keyword demand in your field helps you figure out which customer base your company should target with their SEO strategies and enlighten you about what clients are looking for from a specific attorney. This knowledge will be priceless because the information will create synergy with market research. You’ll know exactly who your customers are and ensure that their needs are met. Television and radio marketing will benefit from this information as well.

What is a Keyword?

This is something you’ll find discussed on a few of our other pages, but it’s always best to reiterate. Keywords are the words that search engine users use to find your website. If a search engine user types in “attorney,” that’s a keyword. If they type in “los angeles divorce attorney,” then that phrase is the keyword, also referred to as a long-tail keyword because of it’s length. So there’s two ways to think about keywords. In one instance, it’s the words that internet users enter to search the internet. On the other hand, keywords are also the words you have chosen as most important and relevant to your website, and that you hope will bring new clients to your website. So if you really want your website to appear in search results for “los angeles divorce attorney,” then that phrase is one of your keywords. It’s that simple.

Longtail Law Firm Keywords

Longer keyword phrases are the bread and butter of Google web searches. Potential customers prefer searches that yield less results, but are more relevant to their interests. That leads them to type in more words and longer phrases which directly apply to the service they’re looking for. Short catch-all phrases will boost your web traffic, but the users visiting your website aren’t necessarily interested in your particular product. Targeting users which want your particular expertise or you law firm’s specialty will increase traffic, boost revenue and raise your Google ranking immeasurably. Finding an SEO team to work with your web designers, or a company with both services, will smooth the process from the start. Businesses like Law Promo, for example, embed keywords into your web pages during the web design stage which directs users to your website. Filling web pages with keywords also peaks the attention of web crawling programs.

Judging a Keyword’s Value

Search engines track each search phrase that passes through their web site, but to understand the value of a particular keyword, you’ll have to use the scientific method: gather data, create a hypothesis and test the results. Altering the keywords on your webpage to attract specific clientele will boost your revenue and ensure your SEO marketing pays off. Checking your ranking during the web design process will gauge the effectiveness of the strategies during the development stage. These same tactics should be applied afterwards as well. The more specific the keyword, the more likely a visitor of your law firm website will turn into a customer. As said above, broad keywords can increase web traffic, but you are much more likely to be the top result on search engines of specific searches, so find your differentiator and cater to it.

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