Domain Name

Most attorneys think that the best domain name they can have is one that has their name in it followed simply by a dot com. In reality, this isn’t the greatest strategy for SEO purposes. Instead you want to choose a domain name and build your whole website around a particular keyword or phrase. You want your domain to help bring in new clients and to do that, it has to adhere to your SEO for law firm strategy.

Strategic Domain Name

The best domain name you could have tells your potential clients the type of law area you practice as well as where your office is located. That’s because if you practice in Houston, it’s not of much use to you to be getting visitors to your website looking for an attorney in Seattle. Similarly, if you practice DUI defense, it wouldn’t be very valuable to you to be getting people to your website who are in search of a divorce attorney. Ideally, you want to shoot for a spot in the search engine rankings that gets traffic for keywords that include both location and practice area. That will bring you the most targeted traffic that boosts your law firm site’s conversion rate significantly.

Most attorneys and law firms think that the best website domain is one that includes their name or the name of their law firm. But that will only help your website rank for people typing in your name. Most of your potential prospects don’t know your name yet. They’re only in the phase of researching their legal options out there. So you want to make sure that you rank for the keywords they’re searching for including where you’re located and what kind of law you practice.

Domain Forwarding

Many of our clients are concerned that having a domain like will sound unprofessional and hurt their business. However, a domain like that will do incredible things for your SEO, so that right off the bat search engine bots will know what your website is about. If you’re concerned about the lack of professionalism of a search engine optimized domain, we suggest using domain forwarding. Use a search engine optimized domain for your website, and then have a professional domain name forwarding to your website. That way, you can still print your “professional” domain name on your business cards and in your signatures, but still retain the SEO power of an optimized domain.

Keyword Rich Site Title

The first step in choosing the keyword to include in the title of your website and your domain name is making a list of the main keywords you want to target in your online marketing campaign. To do this, think about what people are actually searching for online when they come to find legal services. Think about the specific legal services you offer and where your office is located when you compile this list.

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