Managing Your Legal Online Reputation

As your internet presence grows and becomes an integral part of your law firm, nothing will cause more duress than learning a potential client declined your services because Google associates your law firm or personal name with dubious content.

The dubious content is often hard to avoid and usually unwarranted. Google is good at detecting methods that are not genuine, but it is still just a machine with a program, and it can be fooled in ways that are more likely to hurt your online reputation than help it. The best practice for any law firm website is to be prepared ahead of time with reputation management skills.

Online Reputation Management and Reputation Repair For Legal Professionals

Search engine results associated with attorneys and firms big and small impact your business more than ever. Misleading, factually inaccurate or maliciously placed results on Google, Yahoo or Bing can lead to millions of dollars in lost revenue. The mudslinging may come from a competing form, journalistic medium or a poorly overseen discussion forum, but the damage to your firms professional image is the biggest issue. Lawyer Website Design handles situations like these with standard setting ease, developed through years of experience and an understanding of the amorphous nature of the internet. The legal online reputation management team at our company is ready to solve any issues that result from negative press.

We understand how critical maintaining a pristine online image is for legal professionals. Be it a disparaging customer review, erroneous reporting on blogs or now bitter legal associate, Lawyer Website Design will call the legal online reputation management team to action at your request.

Please read this article to understand the effects of reputation in the legal field:
Effects of Reputation on the Legal Profession by Fred C. Zacharias

The Other Side to ORM and Why Negative Reviews Can Be Good For You

Even though ORM is a service we offer and provide, it’s not necessarily true that we always recommend it. It is especially beneficial in instances where a individual or company is targeting your law firm and spreading false reviews about your service. This is never acceptable, and ORM is a good solution in these cases. However, if the negative review is from a customer you know and remember, and their review is accurate to the facts, you might not want to bury that review under a slew of positive ones or rally to have it deleted. Even if you have plenty of positive reviews, an unanswered negative review will go questioned by many readers. Instead of trying to convince your potential clients to ignore that negative review, respond to it in a way that is understanding and looking to improve. If someone was unsatisfied with their service, contact them and see if it can’t be resolved. If you can respond publicly, you might want to do that as well. That will show other potential clients that you recognize the individual and hope to fix the problem. This will go a long way in alleviating the issue.