Pay Per Click Marketing For Lawyers

Lawyer Website Design offers PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign planning services for law firms seeking a first page listing on Google, Yahoo or Bing. Our web marketing team plans campaigns specifically for legal websites, gear listings towards higher placement and optimize the ad text to gain more attention from web users.

Successful internet marketing strategies use pay per click programs like Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. When utilized correctly, Pay Per Click marketing leads to more efficient results than search engine optimization. Both processes follow similar principles, but Pay Per Click management is more often used by professionals because search engines charge for PPC legal advertisements just like traditional media. However, search engines profit from PPC advertising, which is why the results are more consistent and give legal websites instant results. Newly launched websites can benefit from the early boost and provide insight to which keywords apply to specific webpages. This synergy benefits both SEO and PPC marketing, which is why we suggest clients include both methods in their web marketing strategies.

Our professional internet marketing staff guarantee that managing PPC and other web marketing avenues will boost an attorney’s website with the right amount of time and effort. We often have success creating and marketing attorney websites with organic methods only, but sometimes for new law firms it is beneficial to pay for this type of campaign and get the ball rolling.

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Pay Per Click marketing has a few downsides, of course. Firstly, people recognize the links as advertisements; most search engines mark them somehow so that visitors will be aware. Some search engine users will automatically ignore the promoted ads. You have to consider that some people will disregard your advertising immediately. However, many others will click the links without thinking. It depends on the savvy of the internet user.