Build an Online Reputation

Many law firms have brought their businesses into the internet marketing world already, which has established their online reputation and built them a following. Developing and maintaining a reputation online through a solid law firm website is the easiest way to begin this process. The benefits of professional law firm website design are considerable. Demonstrating the expertise and legal savvy of your firm through clean and effective design will cement your firm’s reputation.

Most people turn to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to research topics, find new business opportunities and which services will receive their money. Many potential customers are surfing the web as we speak looking for a law firm with your specific expertise. What type of lawyer do they want? How do they hope to find it? What will be the deciding factor when they pick a law firm to do business with? How will you convince them that you have the expertise that they need?

Look at your website as you would a first impression on a date. Your website provides them their first look at what your firm has to offer. The methods of presentation and overall look of the website will factor into their decision. Knowing what your clientele and internet users at large are looking for will enhance your business and serve you well during the website creation process. Think about how your top ten competitors websites look and decide how your website will be different. A potential customer may have opened their websites before yours, or is looking at competing firms while your website loads. A crisp design and understandable content will differentiate your website from the competition.

Deciding on a design for your law firm website can be a daunting task. If you break it down, it really isn’t too difficult. Look at competitors sites to get a feeling as to what information is important to include, then find a site with a style you desire, and a similar replication will be the result. You put your own spin on it and before you know it, your law firm site design is finished and ready to be spread amongst potential clients.

Most law firms have already contracted web design firms to build their websites, which compels you to enter the e-market as quickly as possible. Rising through the search engine rankings will require more effort the longer the competition has to establish their presence.

Essentially, building a reputation comes down to creating a memorable image that people will immediately associate with your law firm. Specifically, it’s about creating a cohesive and clear brand. As a legal professional, you’ve been busy since you got into the business, and you probably haven’t given much thought to the underlying personality and themes of your brand. This is a very common and understandable mistake; after all, you are lawyers, not marketers. However, coming up with a brand is something that you and your colleagues can do on your own, without much help from a marketing professional. Here are some places to begin.