What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, frequently callled SEO, is a set of techniques used to market websites online. Many businesses, including law firms, use search engine optimization to boost their visibility online through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When a person types keywords into their search engine, a number of websites related to that keyword appear on their screen. SEO boosts the visibility of that web site by placing it higher on the list of websites returned by a web search, which then increases the number of potential customers that are coming to visit that site. Popular keywords attract hundreds of millions of results, some pertinent but most spam. Law firms cannot afford to have their web site appear at the bottom.

Google is the most prominent search engine used by English speakers which makes understanding how Google ranks web sites critical. For example, let’s say a Los Angeles law firm that specializes in divorce lawyers decides to build a web site. The first step in their web design plan is to purchase a domain name. The best choice, with SEO in mind, would be a website like losangelesdivorcelawyer.com. The firm will want to develop quality content on that site to further their goal of ranking highly for the search phrase “los angeles divorce lawyer”. Try to imagine how hugely a business would grow if they were able to rank highly for those keywords. Their revenues would skyrocket.

How do search engines like Google formulate their web rankings? The domain name choosen for your site plays an important role in the ranking, but Google also looks to see if other sectors of the internet regard your website well. There are many ways of measuring your website’s popularity.

It’s relatively easy to promote a non-competitive website to the high point of rankings because very few people searching for those specific phrases, but enhancing a website with frequently used keywords requires more work and a nuanced SEO campaign. That’s why professionals, like those at our company, are of such use to start-up law firms. We have been around long enough to establish a network within this industry, so taking the proper measures to make your site show up with the proper search is already within our capabilities. Filling your site with specific keyword phrases on your website and targeting websites, your page will rocket through the search engine rankings and find itself on the front page in a relatively quick manner. That’s a guarantee.

Effective search engine optimization campaigns also optimize: content editing, custom meta data, link building, article marketing, analytics, hand coding and directory submission, all of which require careful placement to be effective.

Effective SEO relies on a website geared towards search engine results. The content on some pages must appeal to Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing and others. Optimizing your content to contain SEO keywords and reflect your business philosophies will attract potential clients and search engine databases alike. Content is a representation of your business, so make it look appealing and it will promote your firm effectively.

Manipulating meta data to contain search engine ranking terms, chosen words that your consumer base types into Google, is another tool utilized in an SEO campaign. The average visitor won’t see the meta data, but search engines place a growing emphasis on the information embedded in your site. A thoughtful search engine optimization strategy will also build quality links to your site. That’s an important part of our company’s search engine marketing success. Links send increased numbers of visitors to your website, but that requires building a strong network of hyperlinks. Marketing through keyword laden articles increases search engine rankings as well.

Think of your website as a product. Once you’re created a sell-able good, you don’t leave it sitting in the factory to gather dust. You market the product and increase its visibility throughout the marketplace. A flawless victory depends on your use of search engine marketing techniques after a lawyer website design.

Regardless of whether you choose to pay attention to SEO or not, it will have an effect on you and your website. Firstly, the number one way that new clients should be coming to your business is through the internet, because there are hundreds of people searching for your services every day. That’s hundreds of potential clients out there constantly. And the number one way that clients should be coming to your website on the internet is through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you are a divorce attorney in Los Angeles, you want people to type “los angeles divorce attorney” into their search box and discover your website, because that is exactly the consumer you’re interested in. Even if you decide to pay no attention to SEO, your competitors will be. This is why your website might be on the 5th page of Google results and your competitors are on the first. It’s not because they’re a better law firm or because they’re more relevant than you. It’s because they’ve worked hard on their SEO and are now reaping the benefits of a prominent web presence.