Web Use Facts

Approximately 80% of the United State’s population has reliable access to the internet, and the world wide web is rapidly becoming the point of first contact between clients and law firms. Customers believe Google and other search engines are the place to find legal professionals to handle their cases. Lawyer Website Design understands that uploading a law firm’s contact information to a directory drives business forward, but that’s only one measure to generate lucrative clients for your law firm. A legal services company website that explains your industry leading qualifications and attorney services is now a necessity. If you’re still concerned that a website won’t prove a wise investment, please look through this fact sheet to gain a better understanding of the internet’s effect on commerce.

Websites Bring Clients
A 2008 study by Allurent discovered that legal services without information about their services on the net stand to lose approximately 67% of potential clients. The client base will take their case to another lawyer if your law firm doesn’t explain the benefits of choosing your firm on the internet. The internet is the fastest way to learn new information, so a potential customer is going to expect to be able to make comparisons and make a choice before even calling to contact a business.

People Shop On The Internet
According to the 2007 Safe Home Products study of American shopping habits, nearly nine out of ten Americans prefer shopping for goods and legal services on the internet. Sole practitioners must capitalize on this growth by increasing their visibility within the internet legal community. A lawyer website is the first step, but lawyer e-marketing strategies like search engine optimization and attorney content management systems further that goal.

A Comprehensive Definition of Online Shopping

The Net Is Full of Information
The 2007 Awo Inc. research study learned less than 20% of residents of the United States believe finding attorney information is easy when searching for a law firm, sole practitioner or legal services company to represent them in the court of law. The majority of potential legal clients have trouble finding clear information about legal professionals while searching for their business. A professionally designed attorney website informs these potential clients about your law firm’s experience and expertise, which convinces them that you’re the one to handle their case .
Websites Give Clients Contact Options
Whether email or phone conversations draw in a client depends more on personal preference then the communication method itself. Placing both forms of contact information or a contact form on your law firm website offers potential clients either option so they can choose which one makes them feel the most comfortable. Certain clients prefer typing easily edited emails to talking to a legal professional they don’t know when deciding who will take their case. Others prefer the guaranteed response time of a phone conversation. Law Firm SEO Now

Most Mobile Users are NOT Browsing on the Go
It’s a common belief that mobile users only look at their phones when their in between places or in a hurry. In fact, according to a study done by BuzzCity in 2008, over 70% of mobile internet users are accessing the internet at home. This means that even though they are in the location where they likely have a personal computer to browse from, they are instead choosing to use the internet on their phones. In addition, over 60% of mobile internet sessions are longer than 30 minutes. What does this mean? It implies that users are not in a hurry, they’re not rushing about. Instead, they’re using their mobile phone as their main browsing device. In other words, it is important for your law firm to have a mobile site or at least a mobile-friendly website.