Link Building

One of the most powerful strategies for building the search engine rankings of your website is to build quality links to your website. A network of solid links is hard to come by and can be time consuming and challenging. But this lawyer website SEO strategy has the ability to boost your site’s rankings most dramatically of any strategy out there. Here is how you need to go about taking on a search engine marketing link building campaign.

There are two reasons that link building is beneficial. The first is the more important, although the second certainly matters as well. The first reason that link building will help your website is because it increases human awareness of your website. If your website is being linked to in directories, law blogs and other influential legal sites, more internet users will be aware of your website and are more likely to travel there. You will also have increased awareness in the community, and hopefully those links will encourage new relations with other legal professionals. These new relationships can be extremely beneficial to your firm and are guaranteed to bring you new business.

Set Goals for SEO Link Building

As with any new practice, the way you will truly succeed is to start out by setting a realistic goal for yourself and your website. Link building is extremely difficult to measure, so make sure when deciding upon what it is you want to accomplish, you actually have a strategy for analyzing whether or not you’ve accomplished your online marketing goal and if that progress is converting into increased traffic to your website and a high conversion rate (more clients for your law firm).

Strategies for Link Building

You can build links back to your law firm site using many different techniques. One of the ways to do this is as simple as just having a great website that is full of high quality content. This content itself serves as a marketing tool for your website and your law firm by attracting the eyes of many already established law-related websites and communities online that will be more than willing to share your content with their followers. If you create great content, you will be considered a resource and an authority in your field and will naturally attract links by as people reference your work and share it with others. This is a link building strategy that doesn’t require you to do any added work other than developing your website. The links will simply come organically and naturally in time.

To take a more proactive approach to getting links back, make sure to include a link to your law firm’s website within the signature of your emails. In addition, you can actually manually submit your website to many online directories that are both general and niche-specific. You can also link to your site by making comments on blogs and participating in various online forums and social networking and social media sites. Take caution not to do overdo this as you can appear to the search engines to be a spammer and your rankings can actually drop. The search engines try to see if these links are coming from related places, so also be careful to monitor who is linking to you. You can try to reject links from strange or unrelated websites so that search engines will not think you are trying to spam, this way you’re rankings won’t be lowered.