What is a Case Study?

Our company is aware that lawyers launch a legal website with the expectation of results. Our company has benefited many past clients, and we’ll show you the potential results by highlighting these past successful legal marketing strategies. Lawyer Website Design has created many different legal websites for many types of law firms and legal service companies, ranging from sole practitioners to substantial law firms. All of our work, either on new builds or website remodeling, has proven more than satisfying for our clients, thanks to our top of the line web development team.

Start Up Law Firms

Establishing one’s own law firm is a tumultuous experience. You and your newly formed partners are ready to begin, but are still debating the best way to thrive in a competitive market. Lawyer Website Design has contracted with start-up firms in the same position and can use our experience to aid you in engaging the legal community effectively and professionally.

Start Up Law Firm Case Study

Website Redesign

To maintain competitiveness in the legal field, attorneys must keep their website cutting-edge. The humongous number of legal service companies and attorney websites being created everyday, requires law firms to stay on the forefront of websites design. Clients will turn to other lawyers if a legal professional has an antiquarian website. Lawyer Website Design has redesigned more legal websites than we can count and use our experience when gearing our design skills to produce a website that will attract potential clients interested in having you handle their legal matters.

Lawyer Website Case Study

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing ensures that potential clients are able to access your legal website once it’s built. Lawyer Website Design has a search engine optimization team on staff to wrangle a deluge of traffic to your law firm website through keyword selection, market research and around the clock maintenance. The SEO staff works with legal website designers to gear your website towards drawing heavier traffic loads and customers seeking a professional with your expertise. Legal SEO techniques and internet knowledge will boost your search engine rankings without compromising the integrity and professional reputation of your law firm.

SEO Case Study


Lawyer Website Design has almost a decade of experience composing law firm websites and we could take up your entire workday, weekend and several court proceedings explaining in detail rivaling that of the legal profession about how we can help your law firm become more successful, but hearing testimony from lawyers we’ve worked with saves you the time and effort. Our previous and current clients sing our merits more than we do. We understand that trust as to be learned but take a look at some of our valued clients.

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