Online Video Production

Lawyer Website Design offers produces and markets videos with legal professionals in mind. Television advertisements persuade viewers to contact law firms every day at a much higher cost. Internet videos cost nothing to upload and provide potential clients with the same information as televised advertisements.

Lawyer Website Design has video editors, cameramen and script writers on staff to make professional grade videos that compel potential clients to contact legal professionals. Visual storytelling captures the attention of the web audience because it combines text, audio and video components plus a direct means of interacting with the attorney. For these reasons, Lawyer Website Design considers video production to be a key part of its legal web marketing strategy.

Potential clients need information about legal services companies before soliciting a law firm’s representation. Videos which embody a law firm’s professional reputation convince the web audience to contact the company. Lawyer Website Design is committed to producing high quality videos, which represent our clients respectability, experience and specialized skills.

The legal video marketing process continues after the editing is completed. Our company sends the video to its search engine optimization team who spread the advertisement through the web.

Pre-production – Lawyer Website Design gathers the information needed to shoot, screen-write and edit the film before production begins.
Production – Our media team selects the camera, picks the setting and manages lighting during the shooting.
Post-production – The staff edit the footage into a refined video that reflects our clients professional reputation
Website Video Centers – Our web design team builds a section of the client’s webpage to host the videos
Video Marketing (Video SEO) – The Lawyer Website Design search engine optimization team prepares the video for internet marketing purposes

Benefits of Video

Video is not a new medium for the legal professional. We’ve been watching stiff, boring advertisements on late-night television for decades now. You might be asking yourself, “Why should I do a video for my website, when I’ve never done one for television?” There are many answers to this question, and many reasons that you might have avoided video marketing up until now. There are three reasons that video online is better than on television: cost, convenience, and targeted marketing.

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