Legal Internet Marketing Facts

Internet Advertising Has Grown
The Interactive Advertising Bureau reported that business spent around $23.4 billion on internet advertising per year. That’s more than a ten percent increase between 2007 and 2008. Online attorney advertising, including a lawyer website, has become a necessity as your competitors draw in more business through attorney web marketing than newspaper advertisements.

Please go click here to visit the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s website for more internet-related research

The Bottom Line
The internet is a fatted calf for legal services companies with limited budgets, like start-ups. Unlike lawyer television and attorney print ads, law firms only pay for a professionally-designed legal website once which gives them a marketing tool with incredibly low maintenance costs. Building an online reputation as a legal professional through online attorney marketing techniques, some being news websites and blogs, droves of potential legal clients can acquire information about your legal practice than with costly one day newspaper advertising.

The price of getting content online is very cheap compared to other marketing methods, and now that millions of people go on the internet every day, it is arguably the best method of raising awareness of your law firm website. Not having a web presence already puts you behind the pack, but having a law firm website and increasing its visibility as much as possible will put you ahead of the game.

Making SEO A Priority
Virtually all traffic to your website originates from search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Most of those entangled in legal disputes seeking representation by attorney only glance at the first three pages when looking for an attorney. Ranking the law firm as highly as possible on these search engines will rake in clients without paying a dime for costly newspaper, radio and television advertisements.

SEO is not just for the internet obsessed. Search engines effect your website and your business, whether you like it or not. If you’re not being displayed prominently on the first page of relevant search results, your web page may as well not exist. How do you change this? SEO requires time, effort and patience. It is a mixture of optimizing your existing content, adjusting code and metadata, constantly updating your website with new content and media, and building relationships with other websites. There is no simple trick to SEO. It’s a process that anyone can do, if they have the extra time and are willing to persevere through long periods where it might appear that nothing is happening. If you’re interested in learning more about SEO, consider visiting our search engine ranking website dedicated completely to the subject. We also have an entire section of our website dedicated to SEO, which you can find in our main menu above.