SEO Facts

Search engines are the most prevalent way for people to find information and services on the internet.  Your website needs to rank highly on major search engines, such as Google, in order for it to be visible to people seeking the legal services you provide.  To start ranking higher, implement search engine optimization strategies as soon as possible.  Always keep in mind that SEO, like building your business, is a long-term process; success will not occur overnight.  Besides visibility, having a positive, established presence grants your business increased credibility and trustworthiness in both the virtual and the real world.

The first step in implementing SEO is to determine your budget and goals.  If you wish to acquire a national audience with the bulk of them becoming conversions, keep in mind that major law firms annually spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain their SEO objectives and network of websites.  In the initial phases of your SEO process, it is a good idea to start small, with precise goals, and expand as necessary.

Search engines operate through search terms, also known as keywords.  Search engine users enter keywords into a search query to find the services they are looking for, such as “Los Angeles DUI lawyer.”  Search engines categorize and rank websites in accordance to keyword relevance through a process of complex algorithms.  In other words, if your website features Los Angeles DUI lawyer services, it might show up in a search engine results page when someone searches for those keywords.  There are, however, thousands of websites competing for the same keywords, so it is difficult for new, relatively small websites to enter the market.

With this sort of competition, it is a good idea to aim for more precise markets as opposed to larger, broad markets that encompass each those smaller markets.  To make sure you qualify for a set of keywords, include them in your website copy.  If you are a Los Angeles DUI attorney, state you offer DUI attorney services in Los Angeles.  In addition to Los Angeles, state which specific areas of Los Angeles you serve, such as Downtown, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and other places where your potential clients might come from.  Some people will type specific geographical areas into a search query, and these keywords are easier to rank highly for than broader ones.  Have content for each field of law your firm practices as well.  The more keywords your website ranks highly for, the greater the chances that people will visit your website.

After you decide which keywords match your services, write additional content containing those keywords.  Besides stating who you are, your credentials,  and which legal and geographical areas you serve, you can also write about: the ways you have helped clients, successful cases, testimonials, legal news, and any number of things relevant to your desired keywords.  Frequently update your website with content that, ideally, will be interesting enough for people to read, and not exist solely for search engine rank.

When people enjoy visiting your website, they are more likely to recommend it to others and create links to it.  Popularity growth can become a cyclical process.  Heavy traffic, from links and search engines, will increase visibility and search engine ranking, and bring in more traffic.  When your audience grows, so does the potential for a bigger client base, since more people are hearing of you and the services you provide.

In addition to earning inbound links, make sure to create outbound links to reputable sources as well.  Build links and join directories and networks that are related to your area of legal practice.  Sharing links increases the chances of other places linking back to you, thus increasing traffic to your site, and building both popularity and search engine rank. 

Always remember, SEO is a long-term process.  Update your website frequently with relevant, interesting content; maintain a link network; and continually improve your keyword rankings to keep your business expanding.  It might not happen overnight, but SEO will bring in business by making it easier for your prospective clients to find you.

The purpose of SEO is to clearly instruct search engines on what your website is about. The robots and algorithms of search engines are somewhat limited in their ability to understand our language, so they look for very specific clues to understand what subject your site is covering. Other important factors of SEO include strengthening your website’s relations with other sites, keeping your content updated and fresh, and including links to other websites that your readers will find helpful in your subject. When you link to another website, you are improving their SEO, and the same will happen if they link to you. The stronger your SEO techniques are, the more prominent your website will be and the more incoming customers you’ll have.

SEO is only one determination of a usual and effective site. In order to keep content fresh you must ensure that it s relevant to the subject at hand. Your site needs to be visible on all major search engines and has to be on the first page of search engines otherwise it is irrelevent. growing within the industry means being accessible to all clientele this include mobile users as well.

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